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Terms and Conditions


1) By Sterling cheque, money order or bank draft made payable to £AVION THEMATICS£ please allow for postage.

2) A blank cheque, signed and marked £not to exceed £ ...£ will facilitate prompt despatch.

3) By bank Giro credit: Girobank plc, Bootle, Merseyside GIR OAA, quoting £AVION THEMATICS£ sorting code 72-00-00 account No. 01921126. (Please add £2.50 for bank charges and allow for postage)

4) By Visa or Mastercard credit cards or Delta or Switch debit cards - please quote the type of card, your number, the name on the card and the expiry date.

5) Orders over £20 in value can be paid for In mint GB postage stamps at 65% face (decimal values only)

6) By US dollar bills or Euro Notes - please check with us beforehand to establish the exchange rate.

7) In cash - Sterling notes only - if paying by this method, you are strongly advised to use registered or Special Delivery mail.

For all orders over £100 Deduct 10%

For all orders over £250 Deduct 15%

For all orders over £1,000 Deduct 20%

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Terms and Conditions
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