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Aden - Qu'aiti 1967 Amphilex imperforate miniature sheet (Inverted Jenny) unmounted mint Mi BL 6B

Ref: 4055 £48.00
Aden - Qu'aiti 1968 Efimex (Columbus landing inverted centre) imperforate miniature sheet unmounted mint, Mi BL 26B

Ref: 3205 £45.00
Aden - Qu'aiti 1967 Amphilex perf miniature sheet (Inverted Jenny) unmounted mint Mi BL 6A

Ref: 4056 £7.95
Anguilla 1979 Provisional 14c on 4c (Spanish Bayonet) with surch inverted, SG 346a unmounted mint

Ref: 6435 £20.00
Anguilla 1979 Surcharged 14c on 4c Spanish Bayonet with surch inverted unmounted mint, SG 346a

Ref: 54311 £22.50
Argentine Republic 1930 Zeppelin Europe-Pan American Flight 1p with opt inverted, imperf pair being a 'Hialeah' forgery on gummed paper (as SG 584a)

Ref: 41746 £7.50
Armenia 1920 Woman Spinning 70r unissued imperf single with centre inverted unused without gum

Ref: 10042 £14.50
Ascension 1979 Eastern Telegraph 115p with inverted watermark unmounted mint marginal SG 252w

Ref: 152835 £45.00
Ascension 1981-82 Flowers 1 Ladies Petticoat def (SG 295B with imprint date) in fine unmounted mint single with wmk inverted

Ref: 2390 £7.50
Ascension 1982 Christmas - BBC Broadcasting 25p with wmk sideways inverted (SG 330Ei) unmounted mint, gutter pairs & blocks pro-rata

Ref: 2400 £4.50
Australia 1914 KG5 Head 1d pale carmine P14 Die I fine mounted mint with inverted watermark, SG21w

Ref: 74049 £20.00
Bahamas 1981 Ceremonial Mace 10c opt'd Finance Ministers' Meeting unmounted mint gutter block of 4 with wmk inverted, SG 595w

Ref: 72545 £15.00
Bahamas 1981 Ceremonial Mace 10c opt'd Finance Ministers' Meeting unmounted mint with wmk inverted, SG 595w

Ref: 19698 £3.00
Bahamas 1982 Princess Di's 21st Birthday 40c unmounted mint with wmk inverted (SG 624Ei)

Ref: 9442 £7.75
Bahamas 1983 Bootlegging 31c on 21c surch with wmk inverted (SG 646Ei)

Ref: 3006 £5.95
Barbados 1907 Kingston Relief Fund 1d on 2d (inverted) mounted mint SG 153

Ref: 151324 £4.95
Barbados 1916-19 KG5 Badge 1/4d brown MCA wmk inverted & reversed lightly mtd mint SG 181y

Ref: 75841 £35.00
Barbados 1981 Hurricane Watch 60c with wmk sideways inverted unmounted mint SG 687Ei*

Ref: 4906 £4.95
Barbados 1995 West India Regiment $1 with inverted watermark unmounted mint, SG 1046w

Ref: 32270 £0.95
Batum 1998 World Scout Jamboree opt on 1994 Fungi 25k individual perf deluxe sheet with opt in gold inverted

Ref: 82452 £19.50
Bechuanaland 1965 New Constitution (Dam & Map) set of 4 the 2.5c with inverted watermark all fine cds used, SG 186-89

Ref: 89709 £3.95
Belgian Congo 1915 Port of Matadi 5c with centre inverted imperf block of 4 being a 'Hialeah' forgery on gummed paper (as SG 70)

Ref: 41760 £7.50
Belize 1986 Royal Wedding perf sheetlet containing 9 values (3 sets of 3) with black printing inverted (country, inscription and value) unmounted mint and most unusual, as SG 941

Ref: 64183 £275.00
Bermuda 1874 QV 3d on 1s green (slightly faded) with wmk inverted, good used cat 850 as normal SG13w

Ref: 71213 £250.00
Bhutan 1971 Bear Provisional 90ch on 4n with surcharge inverted unmounted mint (SG 256var)

Ref: 2230 £27.50

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